Information in English

What is a wood coin?

Wood coin has the shape of a coin with a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of 7 mm.
There is Geocaching logo printed on its one side with the production year and on the other side you can find the word “Geocaching”, the name of the country and some graphics – usually the nick of geocacher or event name.

Geocachers collect them, exchange them and provide them as personal gifts. You can also find wood coins in caches, taking them away and leaving something to exchange, ideally your own wood coin.

About the shop

We are Polish producer of wood coins called also xWG e.g. CWG (Czech Wood Geocoin).
All xWG are made of the beech wood. We make them with passion and take care of their high quality.

How to create project of xWG?

You can create project of your wood coin using free of charge graphics published on the following pages:

You can find some nice graphics in the Google Images.

After selecting the graphics, please it to us together with information about the text that should be put on it.

You can create as well your own project and send it to us in the following formats:

  • PDF & CDR (CorelDraw X3/13 version)
  • SVG (Inkscape – free of charge software for line drawing graphics).

We will create the xWG draft and send its picture for your approval.

Price and delivery cost

The price of wood coins is the following (*):

  • 25 pieces - 8€
  • 50 pieces - 15€
  • 100 pieces - 30€
  • 200 pieces - 59€
  • 400 pieces - 115€

Delivery cost in the European countries:

  • up to 90 pieces - 10€ (or 8€ **)
  • up to 200 pieces -15€ (or 12€ **)
  • up to 400 pieces - 30€ (or 20€**)

Plus a 4% (min 1,5 €) commission for PayPal payment.

*) Prices may change depending on the PLN/EUR exchange rate.

**) Shipping cost to some EU countries. We'll give it before the order is processed.

The quantity above 400 is priced individually and depends on from the country of dispatch.

Delivery time and payment

We usually make orders within 7 days from the date of the xWG draft acceptance. Payment can be done via PayPal.


If you are interested in ordering wood coins or you have any questions, please contact us by:


Here you can find some examples of our wood coins:

wood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwgwood geocoins - xwg, cwg, pwg